Pye Design is made up of many slices, and the depth of our talent pool is only matched by our enthusiasm for what we do.

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amy pye | owner & art director

Never one to buy into the notion of the 'starving artist', Amy knew she would be making a successful career in art at a very young age. But she has come a long way from creating crayola masterpieces on the underside of the coffee table.

Amy earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Design, as well as a diploma in Digital Media Technologies, from Vancouver Island University. Amy's career began at Impact Visual Communications in 2005, where she quickly worked her way up from Junior Designer to Creative Director. 

In 2014, Amy launched Pye Design. Since then, Pye Design has created corporate identities, websites, illustrations, and marketing campaigns for people and products all over the globe.  Amy has several valuable connections with some of the Island's top professionals, which means that Pye Design has the experience necessary to serve clients of all sizes. 

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Alison is an experienced grant writer, with a strong academic background in aquatic ecology, and experience working in industry writing Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessments filed with a federal regulator. As a graduate student in biology, Alison’s research focused on contaminant dynamics within coastal food webs. She wrote an MSc thesis titled ‘Spatial and ecological patterns of mercury and arsenic concentrations in Pacific Ocean Perch (Sebastes alutus) from British Columbia (UVic). She volunteered at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center, for several years, where she provided in-depth knowledge of fish and invertebrates in exhibits representing a variety of Salish Sea habitats; And guided visitors through marine exhibits. Alison has earned a wide array of post secondary qualifications in scientific, technical writing, and marketing subjects. She recently graduated from Leadership Victoria’s Community Leadership Development Program.

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Nick specializes in brand development, creating visual identities for businesses of all sizes and industry; and web design with a keen eye for form and functionality. He also has experience with creative writing for social media, designing dynamic print collateral, creating large-format signage, and everything in between. Throughout his career of over twelve years, Nick has gained invaluable knowledge about creating compelling design solutions for his clients.

Away from the office, Nick enjoys spending time with his young family, including going to parks, dribbling the soccer ball around a field, camping, and going on road-trips. His hobbies include golfing (not well, he will add), metal-detecting, and creating custom builds out of Lego.

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Justin Sykes | Digital Marketing & Development

Over the last 20 years, Justin has immersed himself in Website Development and Digital Marketing gaining extensive practical experience in small to large scale projects for both large and small Digital Agencies. His Digital Marketing experience is in strategy, planning, executing and analysing both domestic and international Digital Marketing Campaigns. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Search & Display advertising. He also have vast experience in E-mail Marketing delivering campaigns for fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines and UPS.

Justin’s love for website development has grown over the last 20 years and he has focused on WordPress, PHP and Frontend technologies such as JQuery, Vue and SASS. He have vast experience in managing website projects from concept to deployment.

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Jamie’s background in the computer industry dates back to 1983 and he began his foray into the world of electronic mail and communications shortly thereafter. In 1990, he developed software to act as a gateway between Internet Newsgroups and much smaller BBS networks. In 1994, Jamie began his work on establishing himself as one of the starters in the Nanaimo Internet industry. His initial pioneering work led to one of the first uses of a server running Linux to have multiple IP addresses on a single network adapter. As well, he developed one of the first web based email management applications which are so widely in use today. Using these skills and new products, he founded Nisa Online Systems and later went on to be the first Nanaimo based ISP to offer full ISDN, 56K, and analog dialup services, as well as establishing Nanaimo’s first co-location data centre in 1998. Jamie then moved on in 2002 to establish V3 Mediaworks.

When not building servers, websites and answering emails, Jamie is likely to be found with a Fender Stratocaster in hand, eating sushi or posting pictures of his granddaughter.